About Me 

Xinyu Liu was born and raised in China. She studies industrial design and interaction art. Working in the realm of art and design. Liu explores the relationship between the human senses, nature and technology. She focuses on the process of exploration and concept development, as well as interdisciplinary study. Details of life can be accumulated as her research material. She pays close attention on the hot society issues. For her, the way of thinking is observation, reflection, and experimentation. In addition, She collects outstanding art and design works and the latest achievements in technology, so as to take new technology, new mind into her composition.

Specialties: User Experience Design, Industrial Design, Digital Media, Interaction Design & Installations, Videography, Fine Arts.

Personality: Detail-oriented, curious, aspirant, warmhearted.





May, 2014

2014 RISD Grad Thesis Show

Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

The thesis work "Molding Life" was presented. 

"Molding Life" is now exhibited by Gallery Z, Providence, Rhode Island, USA


December, 2013

Future Experience Exhibition at Samsung, South Korea

Conducted interdisciplinary studies on human needs and behaviors that arise in future living space.


November, 2013-December, 2013

Digital Media Biennial Exhibition: ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT LEDs

Providence, Rhode Island, USA

The work “Touch Experience”was selected for Sol Koffler Graduate Student Gallery, RISD.




The 2th BrotherWin Kubuqi Dessert Crossing, Inner Mongolia, China.


June, 2010-August, 2010

Studied Social Psychology, “Peace and Conflict Studies”

Exchange student, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, California, USA 



Honors and Awards:



Award of Excellence

Rhode Island School of Design



Nomination for The Toby Devan Lewis Fellowship

Rhode Island School of Design



Digital + Media Department Fellowship & Assistantship

Digital + Media Department, RISD



First-Class Scholarship

Art and Design Department, Beijing Institute of Technology



The Second Prize

The 2th BrotherWin Kubuqi Dessert Crossing International Creative Design Competition, China



Aorun Shunda Scholarship

Beijing Institute of Technology 



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