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Body Nature  2011

Nowadays, when people discuss how to yearn for the nature and how the nature is getting far away from us, they are used to forgetting one important fact, that is, people are parts of the nature. This phenomenon first shows the separation between man and nature, and the law of nature is  no longer a guide and reference for people's body, life and death,etc. In recent decades, rapid urbanization for people's occured in China has also made people increasingly be far away from the mountains, forests and streams. People are trapped in the city of reinforced concrete. And in this case, people should be more concerned about themselves. People are the nature, and their own laws and nature's lawa are interlinked.


Nature is affecting the physiology of the human body all the time, so human beings should conform to the law of nature. With 24 solar terms, the human body varies with the nature. People can understand the relaionship between themselves and nature by feeling.


The purpose of my design is to discover, feel and adjust our relationship with nature again through our self-regulation.


Researching, Product design, 3D modeling


The 24 solar terms

The 24 solar terms

The gap between city and nature

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