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My dairy  2013

I make the scent in my memory come true, there are 12 scent bottles. And all of the scent in these bottle is the scent memory for myself.


When you smell a familiar scent in somewhere, the scent may be only a temporary one or two seconds, but the memories derived from the scent are abundant. If transformed this scent memory to be physical things, combined with the people’s real feelings and experiences, what kinds of expression forms and elements will be generated? Our nose doesn’t have the shutter to exposure until die, so, every scent passed or experienced in our life are so precious. Why couldn’t it be made to like a bottle of wine, seal up for keeping and brew for a long time? The scent perception itself is a form of art, and the changes of the people’s psychological emotions during this process are rich and colorful. Such capture of these abundant elements can also produce new arts and forms of beauty, and these forms are quite memorable.


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