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Pandora Redesign  2014 

For this 2-day Pandora redesign exercise, I focused on three parts: redesigning menus, adding categories on main page, and creating a new feature on profile page.


For redesigning menus, you can see at top right corner of the Playing page. I tried to came up with a idea to demonstrate the menu in a different and creative way. In this main menu, each icon looks more individual, but in together they also look more integrate. So there isn’t so-called menu, just functional icons/icon.The number of the buttons is variable. For example, If there is no notification, then the notification button is not there. Only the drop-down menu icon is fixed. This way is not only more clear and flexible, but also it saves a lot of space. I also add some functions on the top menu bar of the S5. I am not sure if this is possible, but I imagine if users could control playing song by clicking the top menu when they are using other apps, that would be very convenient. For example, when a user wants to read something quietly, but Pandora is playing hard-rock, he has to open the music app to pause a song, and come back later to play it. This function saves much time and trouble for users.


I also added a new feature on the Profile page. This new feature allows users to create their own unique location lists, such as “home” , “library” and “gym” etc. User can add or delete songs to/from different “locations”.  If user wants to listen to library music as he’s used to listen to, he could just press the play button on the location library. Majority of people go to certain places everyday. For me, most of time I only go to and from my home and library everyday. Additionally, people listen to certain types of music at certain locations. For example , at home, I listen to pop music. At library, I listen to blue or classic music. I don’t need to go through my long stations list to choose songs. I can simply open the specific location that I have already created.



For adding categories, you could find at the Main page, also as My Station page. The music category of Pandora is a little bit general, not specific enough to me. However, Users have their special individual needs when listening to music. For example, when someone is depressed, he wants positive musics to cheer up. Or before sleep after a long tired day, he wants some light music. Or sometimes he is just seeking for certain feeling when listening to music, like freedom, or something else. So I specified the category into four big categories, which are type, language, scene, and mood. In this way, users can easily find the music that cater to their needs. Under each big category, there are more specific options, like this user added, study, drive, and morning. If user want to add more categories, he can press the add button, then this category will show on the bar. For this design, I tried to combine users’ Daily Habits with this app. Users can be more involved when they are using this app. Enjoying themselves, playing with the app, and finding more new stuff everyday. 


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