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Poetic information  2010

When I have seen the “Slow” association, my strong curiosity was aroused. Nearly all the people and designs stress on high efficiency, high speed and precision now. What’s the value of “slow”?! Researcher expert of UK Time, Gessler, has ever said that we were living in the era of selling health to time and pressure. However, since the1990s, many European and American middle-aged men in the fully development period of career gradually got out of the stressful life. They started paying attention to the physical and mental health, and bravely made the life “slow” down. If the concept of “slow” was used by design, what influence will be made? What different experiences will be brought to our life under the concept “slow”?


In this project, I have put forward two kinds of prespectives. One is to process and send messages by using the concept of “brew”. The other is to encourage people to communicate more in the physical world by using the concept of “growth” (growth resulted from combination of physiological and psychological changes).


Research, 3D modeling


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