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Sense of Ceremony  2010

Huge external stimulation and challenge for people were brought by the rapid social changes and fast-paced technical life, and the full anxiety phenomenon happens in the whole Chinese community. We all think that the reason of anxiety is excessive pressure of competition, lack of rest and so on. However, after my research, I have found that the root reasons of anxiety are based on the wrong choice of reference and low flexibility of mood.


But the psychological hint characteristics of the ceremony sense can relieve anxiety from deep psyche marveliously. So, how to make the rush modernist (the urban male white-collar workers are the target people) to experience "sense of ceremony" in the fast-paced life and work? What possibilities can also be provided by the new technology? What influences can be formed by the form of the ceremony and people's mind? All of these are the subject of which I will go exploring.


Researching, Product design, 3D modeling, filming


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