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Open Humans  2015 

This is a 6-week website design project for the Open Humans, which is a online platform that provides public a chance to find exciting studies to participate, contribute to science, share health data with others and aggregate data from researches they participated in. It's a featured project I’ve worked as a design lead with Muzi Meng when I was at Involution Studios.


The process of making contribution to science can be really frustrating and tedious, with endless exams and forms. The designs simplified the contribution process, created individual data/activity profiles for members to track their contribution and access to their returning data, and redesigned study cards to be customized to each member.


This design process includes research, ecosystem design, system diagram to pixel-perfect designs, and prototypes. Badges as a way of user engagement, designed for members to show off their contribution, and attract others.


Relationship Map

Process Map

System Diagram

Activities screen

Interactive activities cards

Study screen

Community screen

Member's profile screen

Badge designs

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