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Kala Marketplaces  2015 

Kala is a consumer "pull" model of shopping marketplace. It's a 10-week logo + UX design project that I leaded and managed at Involution Studios. The goal for this project is designing an unique and game-changer application for shopping experience. We implemented the conversational UI for this project, which integretes most of the actions into one conversation flow, like in a real marketplace. Back-end system would be a "friend" that learns your preferences and habits. Consumers manage what they see, as little or as much as they want. They invite the products and the stores to their spaces. They can ask Kala to help them find the right product, best price, or offer what they want to spend. They can ask Kala to connect them with one store or many. They can connect with people interested in the same things as themselves. The designs made the shopping experience faster and more engaging.


This project contains branding, logo design, consumer mobile app design, consumer website design, retailer responsive website dashboard design and prototypes.



On consumer side, we came up a way to integrate searching, purchasing and tracking in one dynamic conversational flow, making the process more smooth and seamless compared to traditional online shopping website.

Open Kala App

Search product

Receive searching results

Open product detail page

Add product to shopping cart

Check out

Choose shipping address

Choose payment method

Choose shipping method

Confirm purchase

Choose sharing

Tracking product

Retailer workflow designs

On retailer side, I designed desktop, mobile dashboards including responsive charts that measures traffic, top sale products, surveys…,helps retailers cut down cost, increase sales and improve service performance.

Landing page design

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