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Food and Space  2012

Food can really trigger the imagination, says Peter Hsieh. He let his own imagination go wild and created a guidebook to fun food experiences. Have you ever tried origami animals made of food paper? Or drinking Champagne gas from a balloon? And what about straw dining? By sucking your food up from dishes hidden under the tabletop, dinner will become a whole new experience. People always enjoy eating food, but they never notice about the microspace and beauty inside food, and play with food.


Filming, Stop motion, Video editing


In this project, I explore the space and food via several ways: cut, bake, lighting, projection and explore them under microscope. When under the microscope, I enjoy meadering through all these narrow unpredictable stretch long and unbroken natural spaces. Then I choose the red cabbage to go inside.

These are the sketches I drew for the space recombination.

Reference to Thomas Deerinc: Food under microscope

I made a cabbage head for this project. It is a small intimate space for one person put his head in it. There are two mini screens, each for each eye, play two stop motions in loop I made with cabagges. When people put their heads in it, it makes them feel they are in a vacuum real vegetable space, with the cabbage smell, and truly exploring the space.



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