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Letter Game  2012 (in progress)

Generally, this is a game of organizing letters into word.


From the beginning, letters will keep randomly falling down from the top of screen to the ground. When they hit the ground, they would stay still. You have to use your mouse to pick up and drag one letter to other letters that may form an English word. For example, when you put letter “A” right next to the letter ”N”, then you will get word ”AN”. Then, the word will disappear and you will earn some points.


As long as you make all letters (words) in the screen disappear, you win the game. However, if there are more than 100 letters hit the ground, you would lose the game. Tips: You have to concentrate and think fast to organize letters into words. Also you have to use your mouse promptly.


From a childhood balloons game, I want to use this simple physical phenomena combine with the puzzles into this game. From a simple physical phenomena that balloons stick on the wall and gradually fall down by static electricity.


Change letters to be shadows of people, and installed it in an outdoor public space. Put everybody’s shadow on it. Everybody can drag others’ shadows’, and make it hit others out of screen, and playing shadows. Like playing bumper cars. Building a new interesting relationship between strangers.


Processing, Kinect sensor.


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