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To Be Together  2011

As more and more technology applications go into campus life, it creates more and more communication limitations for college students in campus environment. This communication gradually depends on networks, which not only reduces the quality of real human contact, but also brings many psychological problems. After research, I found out that, on one hand, colleges’ environment settings cannot satisfy students communication desires. On the other hand, the campus are lacking interesting and functional activities and communication forms. Moreover, from the psycology researches, in-person interviews, I further proved that the student background difference is not the fundamental reason of impeding communication. The very important reason for lacking effevtive communication, is the sensitive impulsive students personality, willing to express but the campus has no right environment, etc.. I am tring to put forward the concept of “emptiness” against these reasons.


I have researched, designed questionnaires, and got design concepts in two perspectives for this project. One is from psychology aspect, and the another is from the environment aspect.


Researching, Product design, 3D modeling, filming, video editing 

This is the first part of this project: Flying Pet (FP). Helping students built a whole new relationship, new connection and the same talking topic. This smart pets record owners’ behavior and psycological habits, and built part of their individual database for specific owners. When the owner has anxious and upset emotons, the pet can be accompany with him. The pet can also help owner to make new friends.

The essential of “Emptiness” reflects on one person’s behavior and psycology, which also comes from the human nature, is the mind state of no-forced, without any burden, and go with the flow. However, college students’ inner hearts are desiring real contact, but there is no mechanism for this. The “Emptiness” accords with the emotion characteristic of students (sensitive and impulsive), which can stimulate the communication desire of their inner hearts.

All the data is I collected during two years investigation by questionnaires and interviews in my college (Beijing Institute of Technology).

“Cute” in people’s eyes always be related with “little”, “fragile”, “no evil”, and “need for help”, because people particularly love effeminate infant. Therefore, all things have the characteristics of the infant, even if these characteristics are not that prominent, may also could let a person feels lovely.

Eliminating differences, also for the “emptiness” understanding. These shapes with no complex, diverse shapes, but they can carry more imagination and possible chances for communication between different people.

Human behaviors are caused by deep level of mind which are easily reflected and triggered by the pure and deepest humanity.

Dogs and other pets can identity humans gestures and expressions. Through what I known about human-animal communication, I combined “loveliness”, “emptiness” with human-animal communication, then definited that the Flying Pet should be able to communicate with human like pets.

This project is based on my college environment. So all my space research for college students are based on my campus. These three diagrams investigate different perspetives for space, analysis by space form, location, and student activities. A good space, which can stimulate students real communication desire, must be an open, uncertain, and full of creation space.

Emotion changes in one’s heart are triggering by external objects, goes with the flow. It accommodates all and hidden in the environment, it is the natural reaction to the external environment. “Invisible” is able to accommodate all kinds of forms. It considers itself as a “mirror” to accept the world, its charm lies on the full presentation of campus landscape. To change the existence of the campus, rather than face the communication desire directly, which is the potential meaning.

The second part of this project is an interactive installation in campus, which can reflect everything around it, be slience in this environment, and trigger people to act and react with it.

Changes of shadows on installation

Changes of shadows on installation

It could react to the movements, sounds, and gestures

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