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Sensory Connection  2013

This project is a collaborative work. The topic I discussed in the project is physical human touch. In the high-tech society, we are not using touch to connect each other anymore. Touch is the first language we learn as infants and we use it for instinctive creation of bonds with other people. On a subconscious level the more we touch someone, the more we feel connected to them and so the more we trust them. I want to explore the old-fashioned kind of bonds created between people and new forms of language, communication and interaction.


Processing, Arduino, Filming, Video editing

There are two boxes, each has different personality. One of them is a touch box. If you would like to touch the person, then you release him from “darkness”. Another one is a distance box, when it closes to a person in the certain range distance (0.2m-1m), it would open its goggle, and the person inside can see the outside world. When it too closes to the person, it will triger its self defence systerm, and the google will be close.

We made up a story about these boxes in our day-to-day social life, and filmed.

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